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17 Dec 2014 23:24Save the Date for the EOEP’s Upcoming Effective Planning and Strategy Webinar!

For the first time ever, the EOEP is offering a course in a webinar format. The course will combine the convenience of e-learning with the interactive opportunities of an in-person course. Rather than requiring students to take an entire day off work, the course will be offered once a week, for four [ ... ]

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17 Dec 2014 23:19New Federal Grade Crossing Regulations Now in Force

The Government of Canada released Grade Crossing Regulations in the December 17, 2014 issue of the Canada Gazette, Part II(see page 3166). The regulations and accompanying standards are intended to improve the safety of at-grade railway crossings across Canada. Although just released, the regulation [ ... ]

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17 Dec 2014 23:14Edmonton Journal Publishes Editorial by AAMDC President on Alberta’s Rural Hospitals

On Saturday, December 13, 2014, the Edmonton Journal published an editorial by AAMDC President Al Kemmere about the hidden benefits of rural hospitals in Alberta. Between the first and fifth of December, the Edmonton Journal published a series of articles and features on the state of Alberta’s hos [ ... ]

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To enhance the buying power of all members and associate members by ensuring the availability of quality, competitively-priced goods and services on a province wide basis.

Jubilee Insurance

Jubilee Insurance Agencies Ltd. has been helping make organizations safer for over 50 years.

PFA Canada

PFA Canada helps create mutually beneficial relationships between fuel suppliers and our AAMDC member municipalities and associations.


Advocacy works to ensure that provincial and federal decision-makers, industry and other relevant stakeholders understand and incorporate rural Alberta’s best interests in their policies.