About the Building

  • Built on old Alberta Transportation land left over from the creation of Highway 2, between the Edmonton International Airport and the main rail line.
  • Made from a highly-insulated wood frame wall and roof system
  • Energy efficient:
  • Motion-sensor, high-efficiency T8 fluorescent lights throughout the building for increased energy efficiency over traditional fluorescents.
  • Dual-flush toilets
  • Waterless urinals, with savings of approximately 40,000 gallons of water/year
  • Faucets with ultra-low flow restrictors and occupancy-activated auto-shutoff control
  • Combined water savings provides approximately 67 per cent reduction in water consumption compared to conventional building practices

Geothermal Heating

  • Uses 60 holes located in the field north of the building that go to an approximate depth of 200 feet
  • Provides both the building's heating and cooling needs with a loop temperature between 55 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Slab heating with embedded pipes, providing even heat throughout the floor area, allowing for complete fan shutdown when the building is unoccupied
  • Ventilation supplied by heat-recovery ventilators, which are rated to extract 75 per cent of the thermal energy from stale air exhausted from the building.

Exterior Design Elements

  • Roof runoff collected in a series of underground storage containers. Retention system slowly leaks moisture into the surrounding ground, minimizing erosion caused by runoff.
  • Building's stucco and exterior walkway made from recycled tire crumb, increasing the insulation value of the exterior and giving the stucco more of an elastic property.
  • Building eaves designed to allow the low winter sun into the building while at the same time keeping out the high summer sun.
  • Outside lighting runs on light sensors.
  • A grass-pave system runs around the north end of the building, and is capable of holding vehicle weight while retaining a natural look capable of capturing rainwater.

Solar Panels

Thirty-three solar panels were installed in 2007: the largest ground-mounted unit in Alberta. The panels produce more than 7,000 kilowatt hours of power a year—slightly more than the amount of energy needed to power a large home. (To see how much energy is being generated by the AAMDC's solar panels at any one time click here).


Various municipalities generously donated local artwork that can be viewed throughout the building.

For a tour, please call 780.955.3639 or contact us online.