Advocacy works to ensure that provincial and federal decision-makers, industry and other relevant stakeholders understand and incorporate rural Alberta’s best interests in their policies. The Board of Directors and Advocacy sit on numerous committees and task forces in order to build strong working relationships with key stakeholders. This increases our ability to influence legislation.

To ensure full transparency and accountability, Advocacy provides communications updates of all issues and meetings. Advocacy positions are based on member resolutions passed at each convention.

  • Member Bulletins
    Member bulletins are important and timely updates published by the AAMDC to inform its members of issues, ideas and events in rural Alberta.

  • Position Statements
    AAMDC position statements provide short descriptions of how the AAMDC approaches policy issues from a rural municipal perspective.

  • Resolution Resources
    Resolutions provide formal guidance for AAMDC advocacy efforts by highlighting issues of local importance that have province-wide impacts.

  • Public Reports
    AAMDC reports offer an in-depth analysis of some of rural Alberta's most pressing issues.

  • Contact Newsletter
    Contact is the AAMDC's weekly newsletter featuring the latest municipal, provincial and federal news affecting rural Alberta.

  • Toolkits and Initiatives
    Our toolkits are designed to provide practical information that will guide users in key rural issues. 

  • Municipal Links
    Relevant links for rural municipalities, associations and more. 



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