For the past two years, the Government of Alberta has been reviewing the Municipal Government Act. This act provides the legal framework for municipalities in the province and was last updated in 1995.

During the month of June, 2016, the AAMDC hosted a series of consultations throughout the province to gather feedback from AAMDC members regarding the review, and to ensure they were informed of the proposed changes. As some were not able to attend the consultations in person, a condensed webinar version of the session was also offered in July.

AAMDC Briefing on MGA Regulations

As part of the ongoing review of the Municipal Government Act (MGA), some regulations have been released for public comment. These regulations are the result of legislative changes brought forward through the Municipal Government Amendment Act (2015) and the Modernized Municipal Government Act (2016). As shown, there are a number of regulations which are newly developed while others are simply updated to reflect legislatively required changes or expiry dates. The regulations are broken into three sections: Governance and Administration, Planning and Development, and Taxation and Assessment. The regulations are open to public comment for a 60-day period starting on January 30th, 2017 and ending March 31st, 2017.