The AAMDC Trade Division works hard to specialize in certain product areas, and has created customized programs for our membership in response to popular demand. Please see the AAMDC program listings below.  

  • AAMDC Benefits Program
    The AAMDC Trade Division is proudly offering municipalities and all public sector entities in Alberta a unique employee benefits program. By partnering with Lane Quinn as a service provider, AAMDC is providing a new outlet for organizations to customize individual benefit programs which fit their employee’s needs and financial parameters.

  • AAMDC Energy Program
    AAMDC has partnered with 8760 Energy to provide Electricity and Natural Gas group procurement. As an independent and objective energy group procurement company, 8760 protects Canadian organizations and businesses from the risk of volatile energy costs, while delivering a transparent alternative to lowering costs year after year.

    • For further details or to receive a cost review, please contact Ken Klassen at
  • AAMDC Cellular Program
    The AAMDC Cellular Program delivers significant cost savings by aggregating and tendering member requirements together and providing options that would otherwise be unavailable to any individual entity. The goal of the program is to engineer a complete solution for departmental reporting , cellular administration, automated cost allocation, and wireless cost reduction.

  • Staff and Family Cellular Plan
    The AAMDC understands that many of their members have staff own a personal phone line in addition to their work number. To utilize the benefit generated by the sizeable, aggregated account, the AAMDC is pleased to extend their Cellular Program to staff members and their families.
    • Visit the 8760 program page here.
  • NJPA AAMDC Contract Purchasing
    The AAMDC and NJPA, as like-structured organizations, have constructed a formal arrangement. This will allow AAMDC members to access NJPA’s capital purchasing programs including CAT. These contracts are tendered regularly by the NJPA on the member’s behalf. Learn how to use NJPA master framework agreements in Canada with the  NJPA AAMDC Reference Guide.

  • AAMDC Tire Program
    AAMDC Trade Division has created a Tier One National Tire Program with all major tire manufacturers. On average, the overall Tire Program logs an annual purchase volume of $6 million and is the largest government buying group in Canada. In return, this provides all members with access to discounts ranging between 32 percent – 55 percent. Click here to download the Tire Program Price Guide.

  • Fabric Shelter Program
    The AAMDC Fabric Shelter Program has been developed in order to continue providing members with high quality structures at significant cost savings. Through a competitive bidding process the Trade Division has established a standing offer to streamline the purchasing process and ensure both trade agreement and construction code compliancy.

  • Grader Blade Program
    AAMDC’s Grader Blade Program was developed in 2016 to streamline the procurement process for grader blades and other ground engagement tools. The Trade Division utilized a Request for Proposal (RFP) to establish firm contractual agreements with selected suppliers and establish a standing offer agreement with several vendors that provides our membership with pricing reflective of the collective volume of all AAMDC members.

If you require more information or would like to schedule a specialized presentation in regards to a particular program, please email