As part of our extensive advocacy efforts, we partake in numerous meetings. Here, you will find summaries and highlights of the following:

  • Executive meetings 
  • District meetings 
  • Ministerial Meetings 
  • Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) meetings 

Member Bulletins are regular updates on important association and government initiatives, policy changes and other relevant news.

It is our belief that there is no better way of managing insurance and risk than through being informed. With this in mind, this page is intended to help keep our members up to date on the important events – and not just those directly related to Jubilee – in and around the world of insurance and risk management.


To enhance the buying power of all members and associate members by ensuring the availability of quality, competitively-priced goods and services on a province wide basis.


1936: Trade division born when member municipalities decided to take advantage of their collective purchasing power.  First supplies: culverts, rat control. Yearly sales volume: over $4,000.

1971: Associate members gain access to buying group.

Today: Trade has grown to over 800 members and more than 130 suppliers. Volumes exceeding $40 million.


  • Competitive pricing
  • Consolidated invoices
  • More time to pay invoices
  • Greater bargaining power to secure favourable prices
  • Dividends distributed on a true patronage basis


  • Targeted promotional opportunities
  • Improved recognition in the municipal market
  • Access to monthly volume statistics
  • Quick, reliable accounts receivable
  • Ability to batch invoices
  • One invoicing address and one payment source
  • Trade display privileges at spring trade show

Toll-free numbers!

1.855.548.7233 (Trade Division)
1.855.260.8683 (For a quote)

AAMDC Events

  • Convention: Spring & Fall
  • Trade Show
  • Aggregated Business Services Golf Tournament
  • Jubilee RiskPro Sessions

AAMDC Programs

  • AAMDC Scholarship Program
  • R.W. Hay Award for Municipal Administration
  • Long Service Awards
  • In Memoriam

The 69 rural municipalities that make up the AAMDC membership are ripe with amazing stories of what matters to rural Albertans and how they continue to work hard to provide sustainable and successful communities for their residents.  We want to spread the word about life in rural Alberta and some of the fantastic people leading the way.

On the Road is a new summer web series that features full-length articles that showcase important issues, achievements, and general efforts of AAMDC members. These stories are a great way for neighboring districts and external audiences to learn about what is going on around the province.

Have thoughts on a article featured? Do you have a story idea that you can't wait to share? Tweet us and use hashtag #OnTheRoad.