Working Together: Using the Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework Workbook

Salon 4, Meeting Level, Shaw Conference Centre

The Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework Workbook is a resource guide for municipalities to assist in the development of Intermunicipal Collaboration Frameworks (ICFs). This workshop will provide a guide on how to use the ICF Workbook to ensure that the development of your ICFs with your municipal neighbours is done in a way that is systematic, strategic, and produces win-wins for your community and broader region. The ICF toolkit, available online, contains both information and tools that municipalities can use to prepare and implement their ICFs. Truper McBride with Stantec, one of the authors of the ICF workbook, will speak alongside intermunicipal relations experts, and together they will walk through the workbook and address any questions that arise.

The AAMDC, alongside the AUMA and Municipal Affairs, has been developing change management tools to assist municipalities in the implementation of the amended Municipal Government Act. The ICF Workbook is one of these tools.