Association Staff


Gerald Rhodes, Executive Director
Susan Valentine, Executive Administration Coordinator 

Corporate Services

Olly Morrison, Director of Corporate Services
Monica An, Finance & HR Analyst
Barb Brazel, Financial Analyst
Katia Hunt, Receptionist/Administrative Support
Leona Munro, Accounts Payable
Kelsy Propp, Project Management Coordinator
Julie Thibeault, Financial Analyst
Susan Wolfe, Financial Analyst
Zeeshan Arain, IT Administrator 

External Relations & Advocacy

Tasha Blumenthal, Director of External Relations & Advocacy
Wyatt Skovron, Policy Analyst
Matt Dow, Policy Analyst
Chelsea Parent, Policy Analyst
Allison Hanson, Policy Analyst
Cindy Carstairs, Administrative & Convention Coordinator
Courtenay McKay, Communications & Design Coordinator 

Business Services

Duane Gladden, Director of Business Services
Miranda Andersen, Business Services Coordinator


Dave Dextraze, Manager of Trade
Carolyn Caldwell, Manager of Client Relations
Jerad Uytterhagen, Manager of Client Relations
Ryan Yavis, Manager of Client Relations

PFA Canada

Tyler Hannemann, Manager of Fuel
Lorraine Boake, Member Service Representative
Kayla Mason, Member Service Representative 

Jubilee Insurance

Craig Pettigrew, Manager of Insurance
Lindsay Mickanuck, Manager of Claims
Karen Ankerstein, Administrative Support
Lacey Barnhard, Junior Claims Examiner
Michele Carroll, Legal Administrative Support
Raymond Boulette, Internal Claims Adjuster
Debbie Depeel, Member Service Representative
Kerry Dutton, Member Service Representative
John Hackwell, Risk Advisor
Darcy Hale, Risk Advisor
Tom Hirst, Senior Claims Examiner
Dayna Johnson, Manager of Client Relations
Raman Khabra, Legal Counsel
Holly Neill, Member Service Representative